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Winter has arrived. It's time to start planning that escape to the warmth and beauty of Costa Rica. Some of our favorite hotels are small boutique hotels in beautiful locations. Many of these hotels have less than fifty rooms and are so popular that they run a very high occupancy rate. Our tour packages make use of these hotels and both hotels and tours are filling now for high season. Use the information on this page to get an idea of some of the areas you would like to visit and the hotels you would like to stay in. Then call or email one of our friendly, bi-lingual travel advisers who can answer any questions you have and help you finalize your vacation plans. They will be happy to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime and there is no charge for this service.
Why book your vacation thru CentralAmerica.Com?
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We know Costa Rica. Our office is located in San José, Costa Rica and our travel advisers are bilingual, native Costa Ricans. They regularly visit the hotels we represent and can help you pick the hotels that are just right for you. Hotels change and new hotels are added. A hotel that was recommended in a guide book written a year ago may no longer be well managed. There is no substitute for local knowledge.

We have many years of experience putting a trip together. We are able to answer questions like: What is the best order to visit the different areas to minimize driving time? Which is the best canopy tour? If the hotel I want isn’t available what is the next best option in that area in my price range? Would this be a good family hotel for our children?

We offer this valuable help for no charge. We work with the hotels and tours published rates and never add any additional charges unlike some travel agencies. We add additional discounts to our packages and we have thousands of satisfied clients. Click here for some unedited client comments.

Costa Rica, while small, is an extremely diverse. The following steps will help you move through our large site and discover all the wonderful things you can see and do in our beautiful and friendly country.

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Flying to Costa Rica
While most international flights land in the capital, San José, there are also international flights to Liberia. If you plan to spend your time in the northwestern part of Costa Rica you may want to consider this option. For most of Costa Rica, San José is still the best choice. Due to the local geography (we do not recommend driving over the mountains at night), we suggest you spend at least your first night in San José. With its cosmopolitan flavor and comfortable temperature, some people choose to spend several days in the capital city. Many tours are available from San José hotels. From our list of Recommended Hotels in San José you can select one that fits your budget and taste.
As the most visited internet travel site for Costa Rica, CentralAmerica.Com has access to special discount airfares through our Amadus reservation system. On some flights we can offer our clients significant savings, on others only the lowest published fare. We have direct access to specific airline representatives that we can speak with should we need to contact the airline directly on your behalf. Something the big online systems such as Expedia or Travelocity won't do. Additional information on airfares.

Decide which areas of Costa Rica you would like to visit.
These are the most popular tourism areas in Costa Rica. Following the brief description of each area is a list of the hotels Centralamerica.Com recommends.
Tip: We suggest that if you are staying one week or less you don't try to visit more than two areas outside the central valley.
Monteverde - Famous for the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, there are several other nature reserves in the area. This is a very popular destination for birdwatchers and nature lovers. By road is the only way to get to Monteverde. The roads into Monteverde are very bumpy but most people condsider the rewards worth the drive.
Arenal Area - The active volcano puts on regular displays and is most impressive at night. It is not unusual for the there to be cloud cover and the odds are about 50-50 on seeing an eruption. On a clear night the sight is incredible and much of the area is beautiful rainforest.
Northen Pacific Coast (Guanacaste & Nicoya Peninsula) - This area has many beautiful and isolated beaches.
Central Pacific Coast - This is the easiest beach area to reach from San José.
Southern Pacific Coast & Osa Peninsula - This is one of the most remote, biologically intense and beautiful areas of Costa Rica. The two main attractions in this region are Corcovado National Park, the crown jewel of Costa Rica's world-renowned national park system and Caño Island.
Northern Caribbean Coast (Tortuguero) - A unique series of natural inland waterways. Since this area cannot be reached by car, we recommend the two or three day tour as the best way to visit this area.
Southern Atlantic Coast - This area is known for beautiful beaches and a laid back lifestyle with a definite Jamaican influence. Cahuita National Park is one of the attractions.
Please consult our extensive map section and plan an appropriate order in which to visit the different areas you wish to see.

Is there a tour package that fits your plan?
Now that you have an idea of which areas of Costa Rica you would like to visit the next step is to see if we offer a package tour that suits your needs. For those who prefer guided tours we offer guided Nature Tours and guided Adventure Packages from the best tour operators in Costa Rica. CentralAmerica.Com can also offer package discounts if you book both your tour package and airfare through us.

Unguided packages include: You Drive Tours, Luxury Tours, and in the summer Green Season Specials.

If you prefer to put together you own customer vacation, no one knows Costa Rica like we do. This is what we have the most requests for and this is where our travel advisers really excel. Our staff in San José have visited all the hotels we recommend. Having traveled the country they also can advise you on the travel arrangements for you trip and the day tours you may want to consider at each stop. Very few travel companies have this kind of intimate knowledge of our country.

Travel within Costa Rica.
If you are traveling independently instead of opting for a package your next step is to decide how you want to get around our beautiful country.

Buses: There are regularly scheduled buses to most parts of the country. They are cheap and fairly punctual, but can be difficult to use if you don't speak Spanish and we do not recommend them for most tourists.

Rental Cars: Renting a car allows you to stop where you want and explore the country on your own schedule. A large percentage of our clients choose the rental car option and now that GPS is available finding your way around is even easier. For more information see our Driving in Costa Rica page. If you decide that driving is for you, select a vehicle that fits your needs from Centralamerica.Com's discount car rental page. These special rates are only available to clients booking their custom vacation package thru Centralamerica.Com.

Private Transfer: Private van transfers have become increasing popular. We receive more great comments from our clients about these transfers and the drivers than any other aspect of their trip. While the drivers are not tourist guides they still answer a lot of questions during a trip and provide a safe and convenient transportation option.

Local Airlines: There are two local carriers: Sansa and Nature Air. They both have regularly scheduled flights to most destinations. Air travel is relatively inexpensive because of the short distances involved. If scheduled flights don't fit you plans, we can arrange a charter flight or a charter helicopter.

Reserving Your Vacation with CentralAmerica.Com
Now that you have made some decisions about where you want to go, what you want to do and how you want to travel, it is time to talk with one of our knowledgeable travel advisers. They will see if your choices are available. They will also advise you on other details such as suggesting that you fly here and drive there or that you need to get to a hotel the night before to make a early morning canopy tour. After helping thousands of clients a year, we know what fits together best and even the best web sites cannot replace the latest local knowledge. After advising you on your itinerary we will make all the necessary arrangements to help ensure that your trip to Costa Rica is fun-filled and trouble free.

Telephone: The best way to take advantage of our expertise is after looking at the site call us at 1-800-948-3770.
Email: If you prefer email send your prospective itinerary to Info@CentralAmerica.Com, we can usually respond the same day. If a hotel you select is full, we will suggest an alternative in the same price range.

We will let you know, by e-mail, the total price of your custom package, including taxes and transfers. We will also indicate deposit amounts, deadlines, and payment instructions.

Once we have confirmed availability and received your deposit, your reservation will be held until the payment deadline.

If you should encounter any problems while in Costa Rica please call one of our travel advisers in San José at 4000-1016, or stop by our centrally located office on the third floor of the Lufthansa Building, on Calle 5, between Avenidas 7-9. Just tell a taxi, 175 meters North from Hotel Aurola Holiday Inn.

Please review the terms and conditions for information on payment and cancellations.
This is the normal fine print that applies to all travel agencies.

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