Affiliate Disclosure Page

Like many websites, part of our income derives from the use of affiliate marketing, that is, earning a small commission every time a user purchases something from a site they linked to from our site.

So when you click an affiliate link on this website and decide to buy something through that link, as a way of saying “thank you”, the company you buy from pays us a commission – a small percentage of the cost of whatever you’re buying. It’s their way of showing appreciation for the referral, and for linking to them in the first place, thus giving them more exposure. This is a very common way for websites like this to earn extra income.

From your end, you don’t get charged anything extra. If (for example) a book we recommend is, say, $10 going through an online store directly, it’s still $10 if you clicked on the online store link to the book on this site. The online store doesn’t charge you any more than they would anyway, they just pay us a small percentage of your $10 for the referral. Make sense?

The same thing goes for flights, hotel rooms, vacation rental homes, or anything else we recommend through affiliate links on this site. No extra charges from your end whatsoever.

Every article and page with affiliate links on this site will be clearly labelled so you know these links exist on that article or page. We choose our affiliate partners carefully and only work with companies we trust and endorse, big name companies you’ve probably heard of and used yourself.

Please find the companies below we currently recommend with affiliate links. Note that our recommendation of these companies does not represent the companies recommendation of us. We are simply members of these companies affiliate programs, nothing more. The links below are NOT affiliate links:

  1. Amazon
  3. VRBO
  4. Jetradar
  5. Tripadvisor
  6. Eatwith
  7. Hotellook
  8. Trivago

If you have any questions about the affiliate programs we’re members of, please contact us and we’ll do our best to answer you, or contact the companies listed above directly.