Land of Eternal Spring


The number of people in Central America’s most populated country.


The height in meters of Volcan Tajumulco, Central America’s highest peak.


Percentage of Guatemala’s population that’s indigenous.

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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala / ESCAOUT Facebook Page


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is popular with Guatemalans, tourists, and expats alike for a very...


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Working and investing in Guatemala / Guatemala City / Eli Duke (Flickr) / Commercial use allowed


In the twenty years that I’ve been living in Guatemala, I’ve met people from all...

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Guatemalan Food Culture: Pepian / Guatemala Facebook Page


Modern-day Guatemala inherited valuable traditions from the Maya, sustained through the centuries until...

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Politics in Guatemala: Victims of Volcano de Fuego, Guatemala / La Notice en Guatemala Facebook Page


Politics in Guatemala are fluid. I’ve written this article twice now. At first,...

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Social media in Guatemala / selfie / Patricia Llerena (Facebook)

Daily Life

Over and over, the omnipresent social media promotes the “Experience Economy”. It's not...

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