Jaco Beach Bars / Photo credit to Malecon Bar Jaco Facebook Page

9 Beach Bars You Need To Check Out In Jaco, Costa Rica (Or How To Do The Perfect Jaco Beach Bar Crawl)

Jaco is Costa Rica’s most lively beach town with plenty of bars and watering holes. It’s perfect for bar hopping! But where do you start? Local expat Justin DeBoom weighs in with his recommendations for a perfect Jaco Beach bar crawl.

As an expat living in Jaco, Costa Rica, my wife and I get asked all the time what our favorite beach bars are.

Jaco is Costa Rica’s largest beach town and so doesn’t fall short on the beach bar locations. We have a few favorites we seem to visit more than others, but each one listed below is a great place to check out.

And in case you’re doing them all on the same day, we’ve put them in an easy north to south order for you!


Established in 1964, Claritas is one of the original beachfront bars in Jaco and one of the most famous. On the north end of Jaco beach, Claritas is a must for any first-timers to Jaco and a frequent stop for locals. With a rustic feel and beachfront location, Claritas serves ice cold beer, great food, and offers an authentic Costa Rica vibe.

Jaco Blu

Jaco Blu is a great place to visit. They have a large pool area, attracting locals and tourists alike. At weekends, the pool area gets very busy and has a Miami Beach vibe, with beautiful people and great music. They are open most nights and have great nightly events with some key days to check out.

Wednesday – Locals Night

Saturday – After Party

Sunday – Pool Party

If you’re looking for something different from the traditional bar, check out Jaco Blu. Great food, ambient, drinks and cold beer.

Malecon Bar

An authentic Costa Rican spot with a perfect location, Malecon is one of our more regular bars we visit. Most of the time we drop in on Saturdays or Sundays mid-morning lunch. The seafood soup here is amazing and a perfect prescription for a hangover after a fun night on the town.

Located right in the center of Jaco Beach, you get amazing views, ice cold beer and killer food. Trust me, if you’re suffering after a heavy night, the seafood soup is the closest thing around for instant recovery.

Gallina E’Palo

As rustic as it gets. This bar popped up a few years ago and for the nightlife afficionados in Jaco, you’ve likely seen the place and wondered about it. Next to Mango Mar hotel and the Cocal Casino, you might think you’re lost when you first arrive.

But then, in the corner, the elevated bar appears. As you walk up the ramp, you’ll see why this bar is worth checking out. Gallina isn’t your everyday bar, but the beers are cold, the drinks are strong, and it has one of the best sunset viewing spots in Jaco.


Many who come here never realize its real name. Frogs is the actual name of the restaurant and bar of the Cocal Casino, one of, if not the most famous nightspot in Jaco. If you’ve been to the Cocal, you’ll know Frogs isn’t a place to bring the family to at night, but during the day, the restaurant along the beach is a great place to check out.

Ice-cold beers, great drinks, and excellent food. People always think I’m crazy when I recommend eating here, but the truth is the food at Frogs is awesome.

El Hicaco

Better known as a great restaurant, El Hicaco is also a place to visit during the day and enjoy a cold drink. Few places like this in Jaco. My wife and I enjoy this place because you can dress up if you want and not be the odd couple out. El Hicaco isn’t formal formal, but sometimes it’s nice to dress up a little and not stand out.

El Hicaco is a huge space and is as beachfront as you can get. When you enter, you’ll find an open U-shaped kitchen, surrounded by glass so visitors can view the culinary action. Sit on the deck and you’ll understand how beachfront you are. If you want great seafood, good drinks, cold beer, and amazing views, this will be one of your favorite places too. Not the cheapest place on our list, but a must visit for anyone in Jaco.


If you’ve traveled in Latin America, you’ve likely seen this name somewhere. Selina is a high-end hostel, that has taken Latin America by storm in recent years. And Costa Rica is no exception.

We first visited this bar earlier this year with friends and the location and the good time surprised me. As far as bars go, there’s nothing super-special about it other than the direct beach location. It’s also prime property for people watching, one of my favorite sports. Great prices, ice-cold beers, and good drinks all help.

The real fun is the eclectic mix of people you’ll see. As a hostel, the vibe lends itself to a carefree feel, filled with people who love to travel. A great place to socialize and hang out while enjoying a cold brew.

Aloha Beachfront Bar & Restaurant

A little further away than the previous bars, you’ll find this place towards the south end of Jaco Beach on a side road. We first found it by accident, when trying to find some friends on the beach. If you asked me for directions, I couldn’t tell you, but now I could show you after trying once or twice myself.

We haven’t spent a bunch of time here for the bar side of things, but the breakfast is off the chart. Like most places on this list, Aloha is direct beachfront and authentic. The key thing I remember from my first time here was the bacon and potatoes for breakfast. In Costa Rica, you get used to rice and beans for breakfast, so the bacon and potatoes thing stuck in my mind.

Jaco Laguna Resort/Tiki Bar

Like Ahola, we found the bar of this resort looking for friends on the beach. It’s direct beachfront and part of a small resort/hotel. The Tiki bar is a great place to visit and the views, location and ambient screams Costa Rica.

I know there are other Jaco beach bars I missed out.    

Let us know in the comments the ones I never mentioned or the ones you like. But the bars above are places my wife and I frequent as locals. They’re the ones we recommend checking out when visiting our beautiful beach town of Jaco.

Justin DeBoom lives with his wife Lucia in Jaco, Costa Rica where they run Caribsea Sportfishing. Justin also works as a travel consultant and fishing specialist at Namu Travel, where he helps people plan trips to Costa Rica and Panama. He can be contacted at justindeboom@namutravel.com.