International Sloth Day / Photo by Javier Mazzeo on Unsplash

Happy International Sloth Day 2020 from Central America!

In celebration of World Sloth Day, we present our top-six images of sloths from our Instagram page.

Did you know today is World Sloth Day? Neither did we until someone sent a message to the Instagram page of our sister site, Costa Rican Vacations.

But it got us thinking it’s time for another one of our occasional breaks, where we stop banging on about travel restrictions and economic doom and gloom. It’s time for some Central American sloth love.

International Sloth Day itself is actually a Colombian invention.

There’s an org down there called AIUNAU who rehabilitate injured sloths and other animals. They came up with the concept of International Sloth Day in 1996.

Here in Central America, we have our own orgs looking after sloths. The collapse in tourism this year has put many of these orgs in very bad shape. So if you’re feeling some sloth love and and want to help, please check out the following links. 

Costa Rica sloth love:

The Sloth Institute
The Sloth Sanctuary
The Sloth Conservation Foundation

Panama sloth love:

APPC Panama Sloth Sanctuary

We like the above orgs because they prohibit holding sloths. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find sloth rescue centers in other Central American countries that don’t allow guests to hold sloths.

So without further ado, check out below our top-six-most-popular sloth images from our own Instagram account:

1. A rare video of a sloth on the beach in Matapalo, south of Manuel Antonio on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Taken by @jenncostarica.

2. Costa Rica’s money is so beautiful when you really take a good look at it. The 10,000 colones bill even features a sloth! Photo taken by @hotelcatalinacr.

3. A Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica sloth hanging (literally) out. Video by @adrianmartinez62.

4. From our friend @panamahoneyy in Bocas del Toro, Panama, comes this adorable and curious young sloth with some upside down action.

5. Could this baby sloth in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone be any cuter? Video by @picsoresnada.

6. Sloth crossing the road in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Video by

We hope you enjoyed these sloth pics. Again, please help out our Central American organizations on the ground helping sloths, and once again, happy International Sloth Day!

James Dyde is the editor of He lives in Escazu, Costa Rica.