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Belize Travel restrictions

Reminder: Belize Travel Health Insurance Now Mandatory for Travelers Entering the Country

The Belize Travel Health Insurance plan, announced last month by tourism authorities in the country, is now in effect.

From today, all travelers entering Belize must buy insurance to cover them during their stay. This applies to any foreign person entering the country for any reason, including children and infants. It does not apply to the following:

  • QRPs (foreign residents living in Belize under the Qualified Retired Persons residency initiative)
  • Belizean citizens and permanent residents
  • Foreign homeowners in Belize
  • Long-stay foreign nationals
  • Military personnel
  • Peace Corp volunteers
  • Airline crew
  • Anyone entering Belize for less than 24 hours

Although Belizean citizens living abroad are exempt from buying the Belize Health Travel Insurance, they can do so if they want. Belizean citizens with dual nationality entering Belize on their foreign passport must buy the insurance.

Regarding long-stay foreign nationals, this applies to anyone living in Belize and renewing their tourist visa every 30 days, or those in the process of applying for residency.

Buying the Belize Travel Health Insurance:

The insurance has been available online since February 7, through a site called This is, according to the blurb on their footer, “a collaborative effort between the Belize Tourism Board, Insurance Corporation of Belize and the Government of Belize.

Travelers buying the Belize Travel Health Insurance will pay $18 per person. The insurance is valid for three weeks (21 days) at a time, after which they will need to renew it for another 21 days, if they’re staying longer. The insurance comes only in blocks of 21 days at $18 a time.

The Belize Tourism Board also says it’s possible for travelers who know they’re coming to Belize for over three weeks, to buy the extra insurance in advance, to avoid having to renew in-country. It’s unclear what the penalties will be for someone staying in Belize for over three weeks and letting their insurance expire.

The website isn’t the only way to buy this insurance. Travelers can also buy it upon arrival at the international airport or at the international borders with Mexico and Guatemala. Airlines won’t be requiring proof of insurance to board flights to Belize – that will be down to immigration officers on the ground when entering the country.

Hotels, travel agents, and tour operators can also buy the insurance for their guests/clients. Some hotels are now including this in their rates.

The Belize Travel Health Insurance covers the following for the 21 days of its validity:

  • Medical emergencies up to the maximum policy limit of $50,000
  • Cost of emergency treatment, diagnostic services, outpatient care, medical equipment, hospital stay, in-hospital miscellaneous charges, emergency room, emergency surgery, emergency transportation by local ambulance, prescription drugs all at 100% of eligible expenses, up to the policy limit
  • Lodging expenses in Belize in certified Gold Standard accommodations incurred due to mandatory quarantine because of Covid up to $2,000 (Max $300.00 per day)
  • Reimbursement of hotel expenses for a Gold Standard accommodation due to inability to travel. It covers some pre-paid lodging expenses if insured is unable to travel to Belize due to sickness, injury, or death of the insured, or a family member once legitimate proof is provided*
  • Emergency assistance services including: Emergency air evacuation and transportation of a close relative up to a combined maximum $20,000 and repatriation of mortal remains up to $5,000. It also covers emergency expenses related to pre-existing conditions up to a combined maximum limit of US$25,000

*To be eligible for this benefit, the insured must have bought the insurance before arrival in Belize. Coverage will only reimburse hotel fees that are not refunded by the hotel. It does not cover fees paid to private rental properties (for example Airbnb). The maximum amount reimbursable under this benefit is $3,000 per person.

All other existing protocols to enter Belize remain the same:

All travelers over the age of 5 need to present a negative Covid test (taken within 96 hours of arrival for a PCR test or 48 hours for a rapid antigen test), regardless of vaccination status. Tests are available to take upon arrival in Belize, at a cost of $50 (cash only). Travelers entering through a land border need to take a test right there – Belize won’t accept prior tests at the border, only at the airport.

If you’re positive upon arrival, you’ll be automatically quarantined at your own expense for ten days.

All travelers still need to book their accommodations in advance at Gold Standard facilities, as per existing guidelines.

CA Staff

CA Staff