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Costa Rican Vacations Vouchers

How a Costa Rica Travel Agency Gets Creative in Times of Uncertainty

Travel expert Justin DeBoom talks about how the latest Costa Rican Vacations vouchers program is providing some certainty to travelers in an uncertain world. 

If you’d told me in March that we’d still be talking about COVID-19 in August, I would’ve said you were nuts. But here we are and the pandemic is still the talk of Costa Rica. Heck, it’s still the talk of the entire world.

As a Costa Rican Vacations travel consultant, I think it’s safe to say that no industry on earth has been harder hit than tourism.

The world came to a screeching halt for travel. Every industry connected to people moving around the globe came to a grinding halt.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that for the most part, every sector has taken a blow from this pandemic. But … uff … fine time to be a travel agent right now, huh?

So how do we survive in the travel industry?

Well, getting creative and learning every day has been my personal approach. UNCERTAINTY is the single most dreaded word in this business. No one knows anything. We don’t know when borders will open. When they do open, we don’t know who’ll have permission to cross said borders. We don’t know when planes will fly. Vaccine? Don’t know. We know nothing. All we know is that no-one knows anything for sure. All we know is uncertainty. So how do we overcome it?

At Costa Rican Vacations, we’re still get tons of people inquiring. The thirst for travel is still there for many. In fact, after months of lockdown, a lot of people tell us they’re ready to travel again more than ever. People want to learn more about coming to Costa Rica. We’re getting inquires every day. These are the only things we do know. But overcoming that big uncertainty word is still a challenge.

So after listening our clients, learning more about their uncertainties and fears, about them, we’re making things easier for them. By that, I mean we’ve decided to expand our Costa Rican Vacations vouchers program with the help of some of our key partners around Costa Rica.

The idea is to make traveling to Costa Rica in an uncertain world as simple and flexible as possible.

Our 50 percent added value voucher program has five partners signed up right now, with more to come.

Customers who buy a voucher will get an extra fifty percent of credit in a participating hotel/rental home of their choice.

These vouchers are property-specific and travelers have two years to redeem them and receive their fifty percent credit. This two years eliminates a great deal of that “uncertainty” word, while offering a fantastic fifty percent return to boot.

This program allows the properties to capitalize on their good reputations by offering special deals for future trips. It also gives them the cash injections they so badly need to weather this pandemic.

It helps them, helps us, and most importantly, helps the traveler overcome a lot of the uncertainty they may have about when to visit Costa Rica.

The vouchers are non-refundable but the flexibility to use them for future travel means that rescheduling is never an issue. The traveler can also redeem their voucher against any advertised rate without worrying about blackout dates or restrictions.

So how does it work?

Well, it’s super-easy. You just buy a voucher for any amount. For example, say you buy a $1,000 voucher for Si Como No. That would give you $1,500-worth of value at that hotel.

Your travel consult will then apply that $1,500 to your stay at Si Como No whenever you’re ready to plan your trip over the next two years.

They would add any balance due to your payment plan, or if there’s any credit, you can use it for a future trip. Either that or, if you prefer, you can request upgrades at Si Como No to offset the difference.

In short, this plan allows a traveler to Costa Rica to book their favorite hotels in the future, locking in a great discount for themselves.                                                                                                            

It’s all part of how the travel business has to get creative during this time.

And who know? Maybe some of these ideas might stick around after the crisis has passed, creating more trust between travelers and the businesses that serve them.

If you’d like to learn more about our voucher program, you can email me or hit me up on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter

Justin DeBoom lives with his wife Lucia in Jaco, Costa Rica where they run Caribsea Sportfishing. Justin also works as a travel consultant and fishing specialist at Namu Travel, where he helps people plan trips to Costa Rica and Panama. He can be contacted at