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Flying first class

Five Reasons for Flying First Class to Central America

Flying first class is no longer the domain of the rich and famous. Anyone can do it, and it always enhances the quality of your trip. Here are five reasons why flying first class to Central America will make Central America more memorable for you.

One of the perks about traveling to Central America is that, once you’re here, it’s generally less expensive. Sure, we talk a lot about Costa Rica and Belize not being cheap. We wax lyrical about how expensive these countries are. But that’s in comparison with each other.

Both Costa Rica and Belize are more expensive than other Central American countries. But compared to many other vacation spots – including many nearby destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean – they’re a bargain.

You can save money vacationing in these places than you can in, say, Barbados or Saint Barts. And if you go elsewhere in Central America, you’re in true bargain territory.

Which brings us to getting here. Your vacation might be much less, so why not treat yourself with the difference? Why not fly first class?

Everyone should fly first class at least once in their lives

Sometimes you get bumped up for some reason or another when you’re checking in, but that’s a total crapshoot. Sometimes it’s worth enhancing your Central American vacation by going the whole hog and booking first class tickets.

Aside from the fact that once you’re in Central America you’re getting bang for your buck, let’s look at five reasons flying first class makes your travel experience better:

1. Lines are shorter with less waiting time

Post-Covid travel has been notorious for long waits and lines of people at airports. That’s true all over the world, and also in Central America. Airlines rarely delay a flight due to long queues at security, so it’s important to arrive early – SJO Airport in Costa Rica recommends getting there three hours in advance.

If you have a first-class ticket, you’ll check in before anyone else, so you won’t have to wait in a long line. Getting through airport security is a hassle you won’t have to put up with. You can go straight to the security gate if you don’t have any bags to check. You can be more relaxed and not in a hurry when you leave.

2. All the extra perks

You’ll enjoy the pampered service you receive in first class. These days, airlines are thinking more and more like retailers and like to invest in their travelers.

Many are opening lounges in fantastic different destinations around the world. You can your feet up, and enjoy a wide range of comforts. First class lounges come with complimentary amenities like food and snacks. They offer Wi-Fi, newspapers, and comfortable resting. If you need a nap (or a shower), you got it.

If you want, arrive early to enjoy the lounge experience. Explore the lounge and make the most of it. Walk around and see where everything is (food stations, bar, bathroom, etc.). Don’t get too comfy watching Netflix, though, or you’ll miss your flight.

3. Much more space on the plane with room for sleep and relaxation

Anyone’s who’s flown knows that feeling of walking through first class towards your cramped seat at the back in economy. And seeing the space they have compared to what awaits you.

It stands to reason that first-class offers more comfort than economy class. The more you pay, the more comfortable your flight will be. In economy, things get cramped. But in first class, there’s none of that. If you’re a first-class flyer, you don’t have to worry about tiny seats or cramped leg and elbow room.

Turn your seat into a lie-flat bed. Enjoy complimentary noise-cancelling headphones, eye masks, slippers, and even pyjamas. Fewer people in first class means more peace and quiet so settle in, relax, and get that shut-eye you couldn’t get in economy. Arrive in Central America serene and rested.

4. More luggage space

Most airlines will allow you to check one bag and have one carry-on bag in economy. If you’re in first class, you can check two or three bags. Your bags receive special care, meaning that your luggage will arrive first at the baggage claim at your destination. Be aware that there are still weight limitations, and not every airline will allow you to buy extra baggage for your flight.

5. More bonus miles in first class

Miles don’t refer to the distances travelled. They’re a sort of currency created by the airline loyalty program that you can use for free or discounted flights. To figure out the value of your miles on a particular flight, divide the cash value of the ticket by the number of miles required to book. If you want to get even more value from your miles, get a credit card that offers transferable points to lots of partners. When you fly first class, most airlines offer bonus miles, no matter if you’re a frequent flyer or not.

If you’re booking a trip using miles, be flexible with the travel dates. If you book in advance, you’ll have more options to choose from.

Keep in mind that the rewards will expire if you’re inactive for too long. Monitor your account or you risk losing your points. With first class, you get twice the rewards, meaning that you can redeem your rewards sooner.

There you have your five reasons to consider flying first class on your next trip to Central America

Again, given the cheapness of the region as a vacation destination in comparison with other places, why not get comfortable and give it a go?

CA Staff

CA Staff