Jobs in Central America

Jobs in Central America: Are You Looking?

Looking for job opportunities in Central America? Here, in our latest update, we highlight a company in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize currently seeking talent.

New year, new job? On this page, we want to highlight hiring companies in Central America. We hope we can give them a hand with some positive exposure.

We’ll try to cover all seven countries, and we plan to update this article once a week. If you’re looking for a job in Central America, feel free to check in with us here.

We can’t cover everything, but we can offer a rough guide, and showcase at least one company from each Central American country every week. If you’re a HR professional wanting to highlight available openings in your company, please contact us.

This week, we’re seeing quite a few more travel and tourism opportunities pop up, which is a great thing as travel starts to reboot again for the coming Central American high season. If you’re in Costa Rica, Honduras, or Belize, you’ll see some great travel/tourism ops right here.

Let’s get started, south to north, Panama to Belize:

FIFA, Panama

As usual, we’ll begin in Panama. Love football (soccer)? Want to work within the beautiful game? FIFA – the world’s football governing body – is looking for a Regional Office Development Coordinator in Panama. Duties will includes working with the Development Manager to support the implementation of the FIFA Forward Program for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean region.

Full details and qualification expectations on LinkedIn.

Namu Travel, Costa Rica

Namu Travel, Central America’s best online travel company is hiring again! They’re looking for Travel Consultants to work for their Costa Rica travel agency, plus they have an HR position available. For details of both jobs, check out their LinkedIn jobs page.

S&T Properties, Nicaragua

S&T Properties is a full-service rental management company that maintains vacation properties across Canada. It manages the entire rental operation, from setting up new units to communication, property maintenance, and marketing.

In Nicaragua, S&T currently seek a Guest Services Coordinator. In this customer service role, the right candidate will manage bookings, troubleshoot issues with guests, and more. Head to the job description on LinkedIn for more details.

United Airlines, Honduras

United are looking for Customer Service Reps to work for them at the international airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Duties will include staffing the ticket counter, boarding gates, and baggage service areas of the airport to help passengers with check-in, ticketing, gates, their luggage, and other services. More details on LinkedIn.

Ria Money Transfer, El Salvador

We’ve mentioned Ria Money Transfer tons of times, but only because they keep on hiring in El Salvador. This time around, the remittance company has some 15 jobs available in a number of different roles, from accounting to customer service and more. Check out their El Salvador jobs page on LinkedIn to see what’s available for you.

Thurgood Media, Guatemala

Thurgood Media is video editing company based in Antigua, Guatemala. It’s unique selling point is that it focuses only on video editing, so that their clients can concentrate more on other aspects of production.

Thurgood is dedicated to giving as much work as it can to local Guatemalans, training them up in the art of video editing. To that end, it seeks a full time Video Editor to join their staff. Contact Thurgood on LinkedIn for more info.

ECI Development, Belize

ECI Development is a Central America real estate holding and development company offering the best places to retire overseas, with offices in Belize and Nicaragua. The company owns different properties throughout the region to offer the ultimate Latin American experience for those looking for ownership and retirement options.

In Belize, ECI seeks an IT Manager. You can find full details on this position on LinkedIn.

That’s it for our latest update of available jobs in Central America.

We’ll keep this updated every week so those of you looking for opportunities in this part of the world can at least find a starting place.

Again, if your company has jobs available, please contact us and we’ll be happy to chat to you. Until next week.

James Dyde is the editor of He lives in Escazu, Costa Rica.