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Belize Covid restrictions end

All Internal Belize Covid Restrictions End on April 1

Belize to eliminate all internal Covid restrictions from April 1, but keeps testing, vaccine, and insurance mandates for tourists entering the country.

The Government of Belize announced today that effective tomorrow, April 1, all internal Covid restrictions will be lifted.

This means that all mask mandates and social distancing rules will go, and bars, rum shops and discos/nightclubs can reopen.

Gatherings of any size can take place, and curfew won’t be coming back. In short – Belize is back to normal tomorrow, and the government’s Covid policy is now all about personal responsibility instead of rules.

That’s not to say things are totally back to normal, though.

Although all restrictions on the ground are going away, Belize will still maintain Covid restrictions for travelers entering the country and unvaccinated Belizeans leaving Belize.

If you’re an unvaccinated Belizean citizen over the age of 12, you won’t be able to leave the country unless it’s on urgent medical grounds and you have documentation to that effect. It’s unclear what the point of this rule is, seeing as unvaccinated tourists can enter Belize. But that’s what they’re saying.

Unvaccinated Belizeans can also enter the country as long as they present a negative Covid test.

As for tourists entering Belize, the remaining restrictions apply:

  • You still need to buy the mandatory travel insurance.
  • If you’re unvaccinated and over the age of 5, you still need to present a negative Covid test (within 48 hours for rapid antigen and 72 hours for PCR) or take one upon arrival at your own cost.
  • If you’re vaccinated, you just need to show proof of vaccination.
  • Travelers who test positive for Covid while in Belize will still face the same quarantine restrictions as before.

It’s unclear at this stage whether the rule about tourists staying only in Gold Standard accommodations remains in place.

With all on-the-ground Covid restrictions being eliminated, it makes sense that the Gold Standard program will be scrapped, but we haven’t seen or heard anything one way or the other so far. We expect some clarity from the Belize Tourism Board as soon as possible.

In scrapping all on-the-ground restrictions, Belize joins Costa Rica – also eliminating its remaining restrictions tomorrow – and El Salvador, who ended its restrictions last November.

CA Staff

CA Staff