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Would you like to visit Costa Rica?                                                                                                                          

Better yet, would you like to visit Costa Rica and stay in a fantastic hotel with a few tours included, all arranged within a few clicks?

Well, you’ve found the right place!

Welcome to our very own vacation booking tool which allows you to plan your dream vacation to Costa Rica online.

With extensive experience as travel agents in Costa Rica and elsewhere in Central America, we’ve been putting together vacation packages for our clients for almost 20 years.

And during this time we’ve noticed a few patterns emerge. We’ve come to recognize an overall trend in what our clients want from a vacation to Costa Rica.

They want a great hotel, an excellent beach, and the chance to enjoy a few tours and excursions that highlight the adventure and wildlife-viewing opportunities available in Costa Rica.

And more than that, they want to arrange all this online without endless back-and-forthing on the phone or by email with a travel agent. They want to do this easily with a couple of clicks.

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Our online vacation booking tool allows them – and you – to do exactly that.

Just choose your dates (a minimum of four nights), add how many people you are and how many rooms you want, and listo! A selection of packages ready to go for you will appear. Look them over, book your package and you’re good to go.

It’s the quickest, easiest way to book a vacation to Costa Rica without losing that personal touch you get with dealing with a local agency here on the ground. We’re still here for you if you need us before you arrive or in-country. Our client service team here in Costa Rica is the best in the business!

Over the years we’ve built up a great reputation as an online travel agency in Costa Rica.  

As a result, we have excellent relations with our hotel and tour company partners all over the country.

This allows us to pass on the deals they offer us to you. When you book your online package with us you can rest assured that you’re receiving added value, in price and/or amenities (special rates, upgrades etc.).

So what are you waiting for? It’s now easier than ever to arrange your vacation in Costa Rica! Click below and we’ll see you here soon!

If you have any questions contact us at or call us toll-free on 1-800-606-9887.

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Highlights of our online booking tool:

  1. All packages are pre-built and include hotel and tours.
  2. Our handpicked hotels and tour operator offer 5,4 and 3 star services.
  3. Your online purchase is guaranteed. What you see is what you get. Our dedicated reservations team in San Jose, Costa Rica will reconfirm everything to ensure your vacation goes smoothly.
  4. We are local experts with almost 20 years in the Costa Rican travel industry. As such, we know what travelers prefer and our pre-built online itineraries reflect that.
  5. For now, our online booking tool can only perform a search for adults-only packages (this does not mean the hotel will be an adult-only property).
  6. No other Central American destination apart from Costa Rica is offered at this time.
  7. All packages have a 4-night minimum stay.
  8. When you book through us you’ll always receive an added value in price and/or amenities.
  9. We offer a dedicated support team during Costa Rica office hours for any issues or questions you might have while in-country.
  10. We offer flexible cancellation policies.

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