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Need Some Independent and Impartial Costa Rica Real Estate Advice? Introducing Costa Rica Real Estate & Investments Consulting

For anyone seeking some solid Costa Rica real estate advice, a brand new company called Costa Rica Real Estate and Investment (CRREI) is now open for business. They’re not realtors, they’re a service to help buyer navigate their way around the world of Costa Rican real estate. Here’s why they’re worth talking to if you’re thinking of investing in Costa Rica.

After a year from pandemic hell like the one we’re (hopefully) starting to come out of, it’s no wonder people want something different. New opportunities. A new place. A new life.

After months on end of stay-at-home orders and endless quarantine, we can be forgiven for endulging in a bit of life reevaluation. 

Many of us are taking a second look at our living situation, work, finances, and general lifestyle. That’s only natural after a seismic culture shock like the one our society has just endured.

And after looking at all this, many of us find our lives coming up short. We want to broaden our horizons, maybe look abroad to find new opportunities. And Costa Rica is a perfect fit.

Costa Rica has always been a sought-after market for travelers, adventurers, and nomads.

It has something for everyone: natural beauty, perfect climate, and a low-key lifestyle. Costa Rica offers a treasure trove of lifestyle choices for all budgets.

As far as investment opportunities go, Costa Rica’s importance as a tourist destination has always made the country attractive. And as tourism picks up again in a post-pandemic world, the savvy investor can succeed if they know what they’re doing.

Scott Cutter has lived in Costa Rica since 1997. He built 2Costa Rica Real Estate, one of the countries fastest growing real estate companies.

Accordsing to Cutter, in this “post-Covid environment” that North America and Europe finds itself in, Costa Rica is now a buy opportunity.

After years of maturing as a tourist destination, Costa Rica is now the darling of the investment world,” he says.

So where do you start?

As more people put Costa Rica on their radar as a possible relocation spot, or a country to invest in through, say, buying a vacation rental home, there’s a neverending barrage of info and noise to sift through when you go online.

From social media groups to real estate guys hawking their business, where do you start? If even planning a week-long vacation can be confusing (and it can be!), with the dizzying variety of locations and options, imagine planning a real estate investment? Especially if you’re not in the country or even that familiar with the country.

Do you hack it alone and take your best shot in the dark, in a foreign country, or is there a way to get an inside edge?

Can you find someone you trust, who knows Costa Rica, who knows the real estate and investment climate, but who will listen to your needs and goals, and be candid with you at the same time about the realities of what you’re looking for?

Someone who will fight for your best interests throughout your investment journey in Costa Rica?

The answer has recently become a resounding yes.

A new company, Costa Rica Real Estate and Investment (CRREI) has set up shop to serve the buyer rather than the seller.

With over 16 years experience in Costa Rica’s travel industry, Richard Bexon and his team are now taking their customer-centered business model and transferring it to the real estate and investment game.

They’re taking a lot of the guesswork out of the purchasing options for the individual buyer.

Costa Rica is a good investment,” says Bexon. “It increases steadily rather than having these big booms and busts.

It only takes a simple Google search to find realtors upon realtors in Costa Rica.             

A common joke is that if you throw a rock into the air at a Costa Rica expat pool party, you’ll hit a real estate agent.

Many realtors are great people, people you can trust. But at the same time, many of them have exclusive selling privileges on properties. This leads to them chasing dollars rather than finding what is best for their client. This is where Richard and his team change the game.

As consultants rather than realtors, CRREI’s first and only obligation is to their clients.

They help guide and represent the buyer throughout their purchasing process to achieve their exact goals.

Using their extensive knowledge and local networks, they bring impartiality and unbiased advice to an experience that can be overwhelming. CRREI cuts down the front-end research time that most investors spend digging through, to supply a shortlist of options that meet the precise needs of the client.

No more searching down rabbit holes that aren’t a right fit to begin with.

I think that’s an amazing business that we should be opening here,” says Rebecca Clower from Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica.

So if you’re looking to invest in, move to, or buy property in Costa Rica, you might consider chatting to a local expert who’s on your side.

You can reach Richard and his team at, by contacting the website direct, or through YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Also feel free to check out Richard’s CRREI podcast for sound insight and Costa Rica real estate advice from experts and insiders on a weekly basis.

CA Staff

CA Staff