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National Hammock Day

Happy National Hammock Day, Central America!

To honor National Hammock Day, here are some of our favorite Instagram hammock pics from around Central America. This article contains a link (or links) to Amazon, from which, as an Amazon Associate, this website will earn a small commission if you make any purchases.

Today, for those who don’t know, is National Hammock Day. Seems everything has its own day or week or month, nowadays. And I guess July 22 is as good a day to celebrate and honor the humble hammock, as any other day, right?

So let’s do that. Hammocks are about the most Central American thing ever, aside from bad roads, rice and beans, and crappy internet (roads and internet are both much better now,  but we still love a stereotype). If you’re traveling in the region and looking for a souvenir to take back home, or gift for a friend, you can’t do much worse than a hammock. What’s not to love about hammocks?

The word “hammock” itself comes from an indigenous Arawak word meaning “stretch of cloth”. The Arawaks inhabited the Caribbean and northern South America at the time of Columbus. Their language influenced indigenous languages all over the region, including Central America. It’s fair to say that the hammock as you know it derives from this part of the world.

Which is why you’ll find them sold all over the place in Central America, from your wandering beach vendor to craft markets and upscale furniture stores. There’s a hammock in Central America for all tastes and budgets.

We decided to take a look around Instagram (so you don’t have to) for some of our favorite hammocks in Central America images and videos. The idea is to portray a little bit of hammock life in Central America to honor the day.

Let’s get started.


Starting in Belize, as we so often do with these things, there’s not much more than a pelican guard of honor either side of an over-the-water hammock in Caye Caulker to get anyone pining for some Caribbean island-life vibes.

Costa Rica

Playa Carillo, near Sámara, in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica is one of Costa Rica’s many contenders for that Most Beautiful Beach in the World prize. And when seen from a hammock, it only gets more beautiful.

El Salvador

You don’t need to consign yourself only to a beach for pure hammock enjoyment, though. Lakes do just as well, which is why you’ll find hammocks like these strung up in many locations around Lake Coatepeque in El Salvador.


Sticking to the lakeside vibes, how about Lake Petén Itzá in Guatemala for a perfect over-the-water hammock experience? A perfect spot to relax after exploring the Mayan ruins of Tikal or hanging out in the town of Flores.


We go back to sea in Honduras, where the Bay Islands offer some of the best Caribbean hammock living in the region. Like this guy hanging out in Guanaja, perhaps the most underrated of the Bay Islands.


Of all the countries in Central America, Nicaragua makes the best hammocks bar none. Don’t ask us why, it just does. And the street markets of Nicaragua are the best places in Central America to pick yourself up a great hammock for a great price.


Panama City, Panama is, without doubt, the best and most vibrant urban center in Central America. No other city comes close (Sorry, San Jose, sorry San Salvador, sorry Guatemala City). But with all its vibrancy, Panama City can still slow things down for you. Especially if you’re chilling out in a hammock in Casco Viejo.

We hope you’re enjoying your National Hammock Day

You might be here in Central America, kicking back in a hammock in the rainforest or on a tropical beach or somewhere else, dreaming of these things. Maybe your in your backyard or garden, enjoying the hammock you already bought in Central America or even online. As long as you’re taking a couple of minutes to salute the humble hammock, that’s all good with us.

Happy National Hammock Day!

CA Staff

CA Staff