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How to Hire App Developers for Your Expat Startup

As Central America continues opening up to digital nomads and remote workers, it’s important to remember that living abroad doesn’t mean you can give up on finding talent to help you succeed. If you’re building an app in Central America, here’s how to find the help you need, wherever you are. So if you want a guide on how to hire app developers for your expat startup, look no further.

You’ve heard the phrase, “easier said than done.” That also applies to entrepreneurship – how often do startups come up with ideas that get from the founder’s head to the AppStore or Google Play? Businesses often wonder how to hire app developers to help them.

Especially if the business owner has relocated for a new life as a digital nomad in Central America.

Wherever you’re working, from the Caribbean islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama to the beaches of Costa Rica or the lakeside towns of Guatemala, hiring an app developer to turn your dream startup into a real business business needn’t be a complicated process.

When you’re planning to hire mobile app developers, you need to set yourself some goals.

Before finding your developer, think about the following: message, functionality, and user experience – Your app’s primary purpose? What features should it have? And the design? How should it look? Choosing a clear direction makes it easier to work with developers to achieve your vision.

The first thing to do before hiring mobile app developers is to make sure your team is on board.

Once you have support from everyone involved, it’s time to hire top mobile app developers who can walk you through the process and help you find an optimal way to get where you want to be.
How to find app developers who deliver.

It’s easy to find a programmer for an app. There are plenty of options out there. The trick is to find somebody good, who won’t end up wasting your time and your money.

Here are some quick tips on how to tell the difference between a good developer and a poor one:

  • They know how to attract your attention – it sounds weird, but experienced developers can read your mind and come up with like-minded ideas to yours in no time.
  • Updated portfolio – if you want to find app developers for hire, check their portfolios. Those portfolios displaying many recent projects are probably the ones who can do the job.
  • Flawless communication – seasoned programmers know how to explain to non-programmers what will happen and how.
  • They are proactive with documentation – professional developers know the importance of documentation – it creates a sense of professional attitude and adds value to their services.
  • Recommendations – good mobile app developers always have a plethora of positive reviews on their pages, highlighting their work and attitude.

Consider the price.

Think of it this way: every penny counts. Small businesses have limited budgets — and entrepreneurs must do their best to get the most out of what they have. Whether you’re investing in your business or starting up, think about your options — and what will help you succeed.

But finding budget-friendly app developers isn’t easy if you want to create something great.

Sometimes, you may have found the perfect developer for the job, but their price is beyond your reach. So how can you hire an app developer without breaking the bank? If, say, you’re from the United States and want to hire someone in your home country, you can check this handy guide.

Note: This guide is also useful if you ARE an app developer from the U.S. relocating to Central America – You can get an idea of how to undercut your competition back home!

So what are the best ways to find app developers for your startup? Let’s take a look.

1. Ask your peers.

Word-of-mouth is always the best marketing. Why bother trying to find out how to find new app developers when you can ask someone who has been there already? Your friends might come up with names and can directly introduce you to the developers.

2. Freelance marketplaces.

Freelance marketplaces give you a wide range of options in hiring a freelancer for your projects. Upwork, Fiverr, and Toptal are three of the most popular marketplaces right now, each with their pros and cons.


  • Lower price.
  • Great pool of global talent.
  • Good value for money.


  • Some freelancers turn out to be frauds (read all the reviews you can).
  • Your projects are not secured.
  • For complicated mobile apps, it might be a waste of money.

3. Companies

Trusting a company is no guarantee of success, but they generally have credibility, and the chances are that you’re more likely to end up with an excellent mobile app than not.


  • Extra level of security.
  • Team of professionals.
  • Professional attitude.
  • An assigned project manager that can oversee your app.


  • More expensive than hiring freelancers.
  • Your project is more likely to be a low priority unless you invest a lot of money.

The tips above offer some good guidance on how to find app developers to suit your needs.

Getting the right developers for your mobile app is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. And if you’re wondering how or who to choose, feel free to book a free consultation to make an educated decision.