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Should I buy a Costa Rica vacation rental?

Buying a Costa Rica Vacation Rental: The David Karr Interview

In a new series of videos about Costa Rica real estate, travel agent Richard Bexon talks to those in the know about all things property-related. In his third video/podcast, he talks about buying a Costa Rica vacation rental and other beach-based real estate-related stuff with David Karr from CP Properties.

As a travel pro in Costa Rica, there’s a lot I need to learn about real estate. So I launched a series of YouTube videos where I chat to real estate professionals around Costa Rica.

I’m trying to learn something myself about what’s going on in Costa Rican real estate, and if my videos can help you learn something as well, then that’s all good.
Here I speak to David Karr from CP Properties in Jaco, one of Costa Rica’s most popular beach towns. David is a friend of Namu Travel and also of this website, where he’s contributed in the past on real estate-related topics.
Not only has David written for us before, so has his wife Melissa – her Costa Rica ceviche recipe is one of our top ten most-visited articles, both of all time and of 2020. So it’s great to talk to him again and big him up right here.

Originally from Washington in the US Pacific Northwest, David came to Costa Rica in 2006.

He’s been living in Jaco full-time since then, and is, in my opinion, the go-to person to speak to about buying property on the beach.

What I like about David, and we talk about this in our chat, is that he’s not a typical sales guy. He really cares about his clients, and he’s not afraid to take time with them to ensure they get the what they’re looking for.

He sees himself as a consultant rather than a salesman, an asset more than a hindrance.

We talk about what’s going on in Costa Rica real estate right now, and why there’s a surprise resurgence in the market, despite the ongoing pandemic. David offers his insight into why that happened and why we didn’t see a crash in the market like many expected.

David also talks about why Costa Rica is still a good place to buy property, and offers advice on who shouldn’t buy, and what Costa Rica isn’t or won’t be.

Living in a beach town, one of David’s main markets is the rental market. People buy homes in Jaco to rent them out to tourists and beachgoers, local and international. I ask him what are the best types of rental homes you can buy in order to maximize your rental home income. Simply put, can you make money with a vacation rental?

David answers all this and also talks about the pitfalls of renting a beach home and some of the unexpected costs that might crop up.

Oh, and listen to David’s critical advice about how to find a good realtor in Costa Rica. He wrote about exactly that for us before, but it’s always good to hear straight from the horse’s mouth.

If you’re interested in buying a vacation rental in Costa Rica, or in Jaco real estate, please watch the above video and meet David. If you prefer a podcast format to a video, you’ll find that below:

Watch/listen to David and I talk in detail about all the topics mentioned above. Anyone interested in Costa Rica beach real estate will find this essential.

Contact David right here or through LinkedIn. You can also follow CP Properties on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy this video/podcast and I’ll be in touch soon with the next one. We’ve already created a few more of these chats on our YouTube page, if you want more right now.

Also, feel free to join our Costa Rica Real Estate & Investments Advice & Discussion Facebook group to learn more about real estate in Costa Rica.


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Richard Bexon has lived in Costa Rica since 2002 and is a co-owner of the Namu Travel Group.

Richard Bexon

Richard Bexon

Richard has traveled all over the world but has called Costa Rica home since 2002. He's an avid cyclist, football player, and triathlete, competing in races and competitions all over Central America. When he's not training or competing in triathlons, Richard looks after all aspects of operations in the company he co-owns, the Namu Travel Group. He also owns the cycling franchise Bicibox Costa Rica.