Jobs in Central America: Are You Looking?

Feb 22, 2021

Looking for job opportunities in Central America? You’re not alone. Here, in the first update of what we hope will be a regular, ongoing resourse, we highlight a company in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize currently seeking talent.

One of the more devastating affects of the pandemic (and a major argument against lockdown and restrictions) has been unemployment. All over the world, millions of people have lost their jobs, across all economies, from highly-developed industrial economies to those of the developing world, like here in Central America.

In the developing world, the impact has been all the harder, as countries find themselves unable to support their citizens. You don’t get unemployment benefit in Central America, for example.

But as we near the end of this thing, it’s time to think about getting back to work. To that end, we want to highlight companies in Central America who are starting to hire again. We hope we can give them a hand with some positive exposure.

We’ll try to cover all seven countries and we plan to update this article once a week. So if you’ve lost your job in the Covid pandemic, feel free to check in with us here.

We can’t cover everything, but we can try to offer a rough guide and showcase at least one company from each Central American country every week. If you’re a HR professional wanting to highlight available openings in your company, please contact us.

Let’s get started, south to north, Panama to Belize:

LatinHire, Panama

We’ll begin in Panama. Are you an English teacher in Panama? If so, LatinHire may want to talk to you. They’re looking for English teachers to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) to students around Latin America. TEFL qualifications are accepted instead of a college/university degree.

Contact LatinHire on their jobs page or through LinkedIn.

Namu Travel, Costa Rica

The Namu Travel Group is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. It also – in the interests of clarity – owns this website. We’ve written a lot about the travel industry in Costa Rica over the past year, and highlighted some of the things Namu has done to stay afloat.

Well, after almost a year of limited travel, cutbacks, pain, and sacrifice, it looks like things are on the up at last. Namu is hiring again, even in what is still a challenging time, travel-wise.

Namu is a company where we love to run in the opposite direction,” says COO Richard Bexon.

When others are pulling back on hiring and advertising, we go the other way, it’s what’s made us who we are today. We can see a recovery and bounceback coming. People will never stop wanting to travel.

To that end, Namu is looking for travel consultants to help customers plan vacations to Costa Rica. They also want an operations rep to assist clients traveling in Costa Rica.

Please contact Namu through their Costa Rican Vacations jobs page for more info.

Remitly, Nicaragua

Remittences are a big part of Central American life, especially those from the United States. It’s estimated over 10% of Guatemala‘s GDP comes from remittances sent from the United States, although this has dropped due to the financial situation in that country.

Remitly is a company set up to make the sending of remittences from the US and other developed countries to the developing world that much easier. They want to help immigrants look after their families back home.

Right now, Remitly has various job openings in their Managua, Nicaragua office, from customer service agents to management positions.

If you like the idea of helping immigrants help their families, contact Remitly through their jobs page or on LinkedIn.

Hugo, Honduras

Hugo is a Central American app, originating in El Salvador, that now spans across the region and the Dominican Republic. They’re a multi-category marketplace offering home delivery of food and shopping. Hugo also offers transportation services, payment solutions, entertainment tickets, and more. They’re a broad church.

In Honduras, Hugo have various vacancies accross their spectrum. Check them out here for details.

TransPerfect, El Salvador

Transperfect is a US-based translation and language-services company. They’re always looking for freelancers all over Central America, but right now they seem to be focusing on El Salvador, where they want transcribers, photographers, admin assistants, and more. Contact them on LinkedIn for info.

Ernst & Young, Guatemala

This London-based financial services and accounting firm is one of the biggest of its kind in the world. They’re looking for bilingual administrative assistants in Guatemala City.

Check here for details (in Spanish, but that shouldn’t matter because you’re bilingual, right?)

TransPerfect, Belize

Like in El Salvador, TransPerfect is looking for people in Belize right now. Check them out here if you’re interested.

That’s it for our first update of jobs in Central America currently available.

We’ll keep this updated every week so those of you looking for opportunities in this part of the world can at least find a starting place.

Again, if your company has jobs available, please contact us and we’ll be happy to chat to you. Until next time.

James Dyde is the editor of He lives in Escazu, Costa Rica.