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Satellite Internet in Costa Rica

Want to Win Six Months Free Satellite Internet in Costa Rica?

Well now, three lucky raffle winners can, thanks to Itellum, Costa Rica’s first satellite internet service provider.

Last week, Itellum announced it was rolling out its much-vaunted satellite internet service countrywide – both urban and rural – all over Costa Rica through its alliance with Hughesnet. For those who don’t know, the U.S.-based Hughesnet is the world’s biggest satellite internet service provider.

Itellum is Hughesnet’s official partner in Costa Rica, using Hughesnet’s Jupiter 2 satellite to offer 25 mbps of internet across the country. They’re now able to install this service almost everywhere, offering broadband internet to many communities, no matter how remote.

Satellite internet provides a “complete solution for eradicating the digital connectivity gap that exists in mountainous, coastal, and remote island regions of Costa Rica,” according to Itellum CEO Tim Foss.

Itellum can offer 25Mbps speed satellite internet to all these areas.

To celebrate this countrywide launch in Costa Rica, Itellum is raffling a free satellite internet connection each to three lucky winners. They’ll get to experience broadband satellite internet without cost for a period of six months.

To enter the raffle for a chance of winning a six month free internet connect, click here to a page on Itellum’s site and fill out the form.

For more info on Itellum’s services and what they can do for you, feel free to contact them through WhatsApp chat, call them toll free on 1-888-205-3763, or email them at