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El Salvador Travel Restrictions Eliminated

El Salvador travel restrictions concerning proof of a negative Covid test or vaccination are now eliminated, effective immediately.

The government of El Salvador has dropped all travel restrictions, effective immediately today.

In a written communique from El Salvador’s Directorate of Immigration, the government said all foreigners entering the country no longer need to show proof of a negative Covid test or vaccination.

The new rules come, says the communique, as a result of recommendations from the Health Ministry, plus the World Health Organization, which has long pushed for countries to to stop requiring negative Covid tests or proof of vaccination in order to enter or leave them.

Despite the lifting of official restrictions, the communique still urges travelers to El Salvador to comply with biosafety measures, including mask use, vaccination, and hand hygiene. It then goes on to remind travelers that the door is open for them to get vaccinated against Covid in El Salvador if they want.

El Salvador now becomes the second country in Central America, after Costa Rica, that doesn’t require a negative Covid test to enter.

Costa Rica allows all travelers to enter its borders untested and unvaccinated. Unvaccinated travelers, however, must buy health insurance to cover their medical and accommodation expenses should they contract Covid.

The United States Centers for Disease Control lists El Salvador as a Level 3 country. This means the CDC considers El Salvador a “high risk for Covid”. All Central America is at this level, except for Costa Rica and Belize, which are still at Level 4, the highest risk.

Currently, El Salvador has the highest percentage of fully-vaccinated people in Central America – 61%. Overall, when counting both fully and partially-vaccinated people, El Salvador is third in the region, at 67%, after Costa Rica (74%) and Panama (68%).

Travelers leaving El Salvador should remember that their destination country will still require proof of vaccine or a negative test, and make the necessary arrangements.

CA Staff

CA Staff