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Central American beers

A Quick Guide to Central American Beer for Connoisseurs

Are you a lover of lager? A stalwart of stout? A connoisseur of craft beer? Then you might find Central American beer a welcome surprise on your travels around the region.

Central America is a perfect destination for beer connoisseurs seeking unique brews. While the region may not be as renowned as, say, Germany or Belgium, the scene is on the rise. Let’s take a look around Central America with the eyes of a beer connoisseur, avoiding as much as possible, the “main name” national beers of the region.


Belize is famous for its Belikin Beer, the best known brew in the region. Belikin offers a selection of beers inspired by the country’s laid-back atmosphere. From light lagers to pale ales and stouts, travelers in Belize will find their perfect brew with a Belikin. (And yes, we know we said we wanted to avoid the “main” Central American beers, but in Belize this can’t be helped!)

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is also a haven for beer enthusiasts. In recent years, beer in Costa Rica has seen remarkable growth, with many local breweries setting the stage. From San José to Tamarindo, visitors can explore a diverse range of beers and brewhouses.

The Costa Rica Craft Brewing Company, Treintaycinco, and the Volcano Brewing Company are just some of the breweries at the forefront of craft beer culture in Costa Rica. What sets Costa Rican craft beers apart is the infusion of local ingredients. Think tropical fruits like mangoes and passionfruit. These add a distinct flavor profile to the brews.

El Salvador

El Salvador is a craft beer Mecca in Central America. The Cadejo Brewing Company is by far the best known boutique brewery in the region, now selling its produce way beyond the borders of El Salvador. Connoisseurs will love their selection of seasonal brews, especially sipped at sunset or while watching whales at their El Sunzal restaurant. Santo Coraje also offers a spectacular series of different beers for connoisseurs of all types.


Guatemala also has a place in the Central American craft beer scene. While the movement may be in its early stages, local breweries are showcasing their creativity and passion for brewing. Check out Cabro from the Cervecería Centro Americana for a taste of what Guatemalan brewers have to offer.


Honduras is also starting to make its mark on the beer map of Central America. The D&D Brewery and Lodge, Sol de Copán, Utila Brewing Company, and Roatán Island Brewing all showcase the passion and creativity of Honduran brewers. Visitors can sample a range of lagers and classic ales with a warm Honduran welcome.


Panama has also embraced the craft beer revolution. The vibrant capital of Panama City is at the heart of things, and beer lovers can enjoy wide range of local and international craft brews.

La Rana Dorada, Casa Bruja Brewing Company, and La Fabrica are synonymous with Panama’s beer scene. Whether you prefer a pale ale or a robust stout, Panama has something to please every beer lover’s palate.

Central American beer may not yet have the same recognition as other brews, but its craft beer scene is steadily gaining momentum

Beer connoisseurs visiting Central America can explore a range of flavors, styles, and brewing techniques that equal anywhere in the world.

And if you’re an expat interested in starting your own brewery, why not? It could even become less of a hobby and more of a business for you some day. You can check out Ollie’s platform for help managing your brewery, from inventory to payments and production.

Central America has everything a beer lover would want. There are lots of breweries, beer-inspired cuisine, and beer varieties. The atmosphere is relaxed, and you can always enjoy a cold brew on a hot day with friends.

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