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Panama City luxury apartments

Panama Real Estate: What’s Driving the Boom with Panama City Luxury Apartments?

A look at the real estate situation in Panama over recent years to determine, in particular, what is driving the ongoing boom in Panama City luxury apartments.

In recent years, Panama has seen its real estate sector skyrocket, due to a sound economy and its appeal as a hub for investors, expatriates, and retirees. According to the World Bank, Panama’s economy grew by 15.8% and 10.8% in 2021 and 2022.. This strength has fueled the real estate market, particularly with luxury apartments in Panama.

Panama’s Evolution Since the Canal Handover

In 1999, Panama gained control of the Panama Canal from the United States. This was a pivotal moment for Panama’s sovereignty and economy. Ownership of the Canal has solidified Panama’s role in international trade. It has attracted a range of global businesses and investors, and fostered an economy based on trade, logistics, and finance.

Today, Panama’s GDP current growth rate of 6% surpasses the regional average. This further places Panama as a hotspot for foreign investment and global talent. These macroeconomic elements influence demand in the Panamanian real estate market. The arrival of multinational corporations and foreign professionals seeking premium living standards is a key driver. Also, various residency initiatives simplify the relocation process for expatriates. This further boosts the demand for luxury housing.

Statistic: Panama: Growth rate of the real gross domestic product (GDP) from 2018 to 2028 (compared to the previous year) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

The Ascent of Luxury Real Estate in Panama City

At the heart of this real estate boom is Panama City, with its Miami or Dubai-like skyline. The luxury apartment market here is flourishing, propelled by several factors. The city’s geography – hemmed in by the Pacific Ocean, the Canal, and protected rainforests – creates a scenario where demand outstrips supply. This spikes property values and creates the ever vertical expansion of upscale high-rises. For example, luxury apartments in Punta Pacifica now fetch up to $4,000 per square meter.

Also, there’s Panama City’s status as a desirable place to live. Favorable tax policies and a cosmopolitan lifestyle all make Panama a prime choice for expats. Not to mention access to healthcare and great weather. This further boosts the development of more high-end apartments.

Real estate hotspots for investors include the Pacific Riviera and coastal areas around Panama City. These areas are full of upscale developments with luxury amenities and ocean views. In particular, Costa del Este and Santa Maria are hubs for high-end projects. Catering to affluent investors, these new developments offer properties with promising value appreciation.

Changes to Panama City zoning policy also influence the investment landscape. The expansion of urban development areas and the creation of special economic zones help cultivate investment opportunities. Infrastructure development also plays a vital role in real estate growth. The metro system, the Tocumen Airport expansion, and a new convention center not only stimulate the economy, but also enhance the desirability of city real estate.

Our Top Panama City Luxury Apartments:

  • Trump Ocean Club, Panama City. The Trump Ocean Club in Punta Pacifica offers condos ranging from 96 to 395 square meters across 16 to 66 floors. Residents enjoy city and ocean views, with amenities like a fitness center, yoga studio, pools, shops, and restaurants. The 62nd floor boasts the world’s highest rooftop casino and pool bar. Residents receive discounts at the building’s shops and restaurants, and the location provides easy access to the city center.
  • The Towers at Paitilla, Panama City. Located in Punta Paitilla, offer oceanfront living with amenities for various lifestyles. Facilities include a high-end gym with a boxing ring, VIP cinema, sports courts, party rooms, two pools, a rooftop lounge with an infinity pool, spa, pilates room, and a dining area with 360-degree views. The neighborhood’s mix of new and old high-rises amidst lush greenery adds charm, and schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers, and the exclusive Club Union are nearby.
  • Costanera. This 54-story luxury tower in the Bella Vista neighborhood offers ocean views and easy access to Parque Urraca. Amenities include recreational gardens, ballrooms, a game room, a BBQ gazebo, sports courts, and a top-tier fitness center. The infinity pool is a highlight, and the property is close to the restaurants and nightlife of Calle Uruguay and the Cinta Costera waterfront.
  • The Residences. The Residences in Punta Pacifica provide an exclusive oceanfront living experience. The three buildings feature premium finishes and thoughtful layouts, with entrance halls, living and dining areas, ocean view terraces, spacious bedrooms, and service rooms. Towers A and C have 3-bedroom apartments, while Tower B offers 4-bedroom apartments. Amenities include a terrace and pool with water mirrors, gazebos, ocean-view landscaping, a state-of-the-art gym, event rooms, a BBQ area, concierge service, sauna, steam room, and round-the-clock security.

Conclusion: The Trajectory of Panama’s Luxury Real Estate

Panama’s luxury apartment market thrives due to favorable economic conditions, a strategic location, and improved infrastructure. Political stability and forward-thinking policies attract foreign investment and skilled expatriates, driving demand for high-end real estate.

Ongoing commitments to infrastructure and tourism position Panama for sustained growth in the luxury apartment sector. Investors, expatriates, and retirees find opportunities to join a dynamic and evolving community. As Panama expands and innovates, the luxury apartment market remains a vibrant and profitable facet of the national real estate landscape.

CA Staff

CA Staff