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What You Were Reading Here in 2020 (Our Most-Read Articles of the Year)

What articles on this site were you reading most in this weirdest of years? We take a look at the top ten most popular articles on www.centralamerica.com of 2020.

Well, we’re now in that weird week between Christmas and New Year, where magazines and newspapers all self-reflect and go into their listicles about the year. Best of this, who did that, etc.

Normally it’s because there’s not much going on during this week, so it’s easy content to create. 

We always do a review of the year around this time, but we won’t this week. I mean, we can review 2020 in one word, right? [Insert Expletive Here]

So we’ll figure out some other ways to fill the week with the typical naval-gazing content that only comes between December 25 and January 1. We’ll start by looking at what you were reading on this website in 2020.

Below are our top 10 articles you readers visited most this year. And surprise surprise, they’re not all about COVID.

1. Is Marijuana Legal In Belize? (Asking For A Friend…)

This 2018 article about weed use in Belize is not only your top read in 2020, it’s still our most-read article ever on this site. Not sure what that says about our readers.

In the article, writer Cathy Bray looks at the laws surrounding marijuana in Belize and how they compare with the rest of the region.

2. Is Panama Part Of Central America?

We wrote this in 2018, after receiving criticism on social media about including Panama and Belize as “Central America”.

Apparently there was some controversy about it. We try to clear up that controversy in this article, and help readers learn a thing or two about Panama. It still stands the test of time.

3. When Will Central America Reopen? A Guide to the COVID Travel Restrictions

Our most-read article related to the current pandemic. It’s a country-by-country guide to entering Central America during COVID. We updated this as and when a country changed their entry requirements for tourists, residents, and/or citizens.

4. A Complete List of Who Can Visit Costa Rica as Tourists Right Now

One of those article we’re glad is moot. On August 1, Costa Rica became the first country in the region to to reopen its borders to tourism (not counting Nicaragua, of course, which never closed).

But when it opened, it only opened to some countries. We used this article to inform our readers about which countries Costa Rica was reopening to and when. On November 1, it became a moot point when Costa Rica opened to everyone. But if it ever starts closing again, we’ll dust it down and update it.

5. Is Guatemala City Safe? (And Which Parts Should I Visit and/or Avoid?)

A 2019 piece by our very own Man in Guatemala, Nestor Quixtan. He talks about the safety of Guatemala City and where you should visit or avoid. Does what it says on the tin.

6. Jaco Nightlife (Or Where Should I Party In Jaco, Costa Rica?)

Remember when you could go out partying and clubbing and enjoying yourself well into the wee small hours? Yeah, so do we.

Perhaps you guys read Justin DeBoom‘s guide to partying in Jaco, Costa Rica as a piece of nostalgia in 2020. Or hopefully you were schooling yourselves on the good times yet to come once this thing is over.

7. The Perfect Costa Rica Ceviche Recipe

Melissa Guzman is a chef and food writer, specializing in Costa Rican cuisine. Her ceviche recipe is to die for. Traffic to this recipe has boomed in 2020. We’re not at all surprised you guys looked this up during a year stuck at home and not traveling. Were you looking for a taste of Costa Rica from afar?

8. Costa Rica Flight Info Update for July 5, 2020

Since Costa Rica closed its borders in March, we’ve been monitoring the flights and airlines available to and from the country. We’ve been doing this on a weekly, but for some reason, the week of July 5 made an impression on you guys. Go figure.

9. Your Legal Pathway To Paradise: Visas, Work Permits, Citizenship, And Residency In Belize

Colette Kase wrote this guide to getting residency in Belize in 2019.

Again, this article does what it says on the tin we we hope anyone interested in moving to Belize finds it useful.

10. Panama City Nightlife: My Favorite Bars, Clubs, And Lounges

Like the above Jaco nightlife article, this pre-COVID guide to going out in Panama City by Seth Colvin evokes memories of what once was, and what will hopefully be again some day.

So that’s our first end-of-year list article wrapped up – what you were reading most on www.centralamerica.com in 2020.

Of our ten most-read articles this year, one is about Central America as a region, two are about Belize, two about Panama, four about Costa Rica, and one about Guatemala. Interesting.

Also interesting is how seven of of the ten articles have nothing to do with the pandemic that’s consumed us this. We’ve written a lot about the COVID situation, but we’re glad we’ve provided some distraction, too.

Here’s to more info and more distraction in 2021.

James Dyde is the editor of www.centralamerica.com. He lives in Escazu, Costa Rica.