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Relocating to Costa Rica

Relocating to Costa Rica: The Lisa Cederberg Interview

In a series of videos about Costa Rica real estate, travel agent Richard Bexon talks to those in the know about all things property-related. In this video/podcast, he veers away a little from real estate in itself, and talks more about the relocation process with Lisa Cederberg from Relocate to Costa Rica.

As a travel pro in Costa Rica, there’s a lot I need to learn about real estate. So I launched a series of YouTube videos where I chat to real estate professionals around Costa Rica.

I’m trying to learn something myself about what’s going on in Costa Rican real estate, and if my videos can help you learn something as well, then that’s all good.

But there’s another aspect of investing in Costa Rica real estate I haven’t covered yet. It’s fine to talk about buying a home, buying land, building or designing a home, or whatever. Before that, though, there’s the question of what it takes to come to Costa Rica in the first place.

Traveling to a foreign country can be daunting to many, so the prospect of making a permanent move, relocating abroad can fill even the most fear-free with confusion.

Relocating to Costa Rica is no exception.

So for this episode, I took the opportunity to speak to my old friend and colleague Lisa Cederberg, who now owns and operates Relocate to Costa Rica, a boutique travel and relocation service which aims to make the whole process of moving to Costa Rica seamless.

Lisa’s a California native who’s lived in Costa Rica for over 15 years. 

During that time she’s amassed a vast amount of knowledge and experience about all aspects of life in Costa Rica, and now makes her living helping and advising about making the move.

At, we talk a lot about the process of relocating to Costa Rica and elsewhere in Central America. We have plenty of articles on residency in Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, and the other Central American countries. One of our goals is to make the process of coming to Central America as a potential immigrant/expat clear and easy.

My chat with Lisa aims to make the process of Costa Rica residency easier to understand.

We speak about the different types of residency available and whether it’s even necessary or not. I ask Lisa about how much residency costs and how long the procress takes.

It’s not all about residency, though. That’s only a part of the process of coming to Costa Rica, and for many people, not even applicable. Lisa and I also touch on working in Costa Rica, investing, speaking Spanish, the legality of driving a car, and other aspects of coming here, pros and cons. 

If you’re interested in relocating to Costa Rica, watch the above video and meet Lisa. If you prefer a podcast format to a video, you’ll find that below:

If the idea of a possible new life in Costa Rica is something you’re considering, then you should certainly consult with Lisa.

Contact Lisa through her website or hit her up on LinkedIn. You can also follow Relocate to Costa Rica on Facebook and Instagram

I hope you enjoy this video/podcast and I’ll be in touch soon with the next one. We’ve already created a few more of these chats on our YouTube page, if you want more right now.

Also, feel free to join our Costa Rica Real Estate & Investments Advice & Discussion Facebook group to learn more about real estate in Costa Rica.


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Richard Bexon has lived in Costa Rica since 2002 and is a co-owner of the Namu Travel Group.

Richard Bexon

Richard Bexon

Richard has traveled all over the world but has called Costa Rica home since 2002. He's an avid cyclist, football player, and triathlete, competing in races and competitions all over Central America. When he's not training or competing in triathlons, Richard looks after all aspects of operations in the company he co-owns, the Namu Travel Group. He also owns the cycling franchise Bicibox Costa Rica.